Top most common diseases in the world

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We have explained most common diseases from all over the world. Information for each disease is described in its respective page. Just go through the list of diseases and click on the link of your interest. We have listed of common diseases which are bacterial or viral , infectious, contagious etc. We will keep these list of disease page upto dates as description of common diseases grows on

list of diseases



1.  How Tuberculosis spreads (TB)

2. Common Symptoms Of Tuberculosis

3. Top Symptoms And Signs of Pneumonia

4. 3 Types Of Pneumonia

5.  What is Aids and Hiv Symptoms in Men & Women

6. What is Hepatitis and Its Types

7. Symptoms of hepatitis and Hepatitis treatment?

8. What is Hepatitis A and Symptoms

9. What is Hep B and Hepatitis B symptoms

10. What is Hep C and Symptoms of Hepatitis C

11. What is avian flue And Bird flu symptoms

12. What is Swine Flu


We are constantly updating the list of common diseases, so keep looking every once a while.

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